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We are engaged in offering after sales services to our clients for the maintenance of our range of transformers. Our after sales services include installation training, operational training and on site support for our transformers. We have experienced, competent and well trained personnel engaged in offering prompt our after sales services.

Transformer Oil Regeneration

We are offering services of onsite regeneration of EHV grade transformer oil to various power utilities. Our Mobile regeneration plant is fully online and incorporates latest and most advanced technology for regeneration of used transformer oil to EHV grade oil. We have successfully undertaken regeneration of transfomer oil upto 765 KV.

Some of the advantages of onsite regeneration of transformer oil are

  • No need to scrap used transformer oil. regenerated oil as good as new with all parameters matching or even exceeding IS335 for new transformers oil .
  • Regenerated oil lasts for years like new oil without deterioration of various parameters.
  • Onsite regeneration not only cleans transformer oil also decontaminate winding assembly of sludge    and various oxidation products.
  • Savings in oil replacement cost.
  • Fully equipped Mobile tetsing lab.
  • Minimum loss of oil in process.
  • Transfomer oil upto 765 KV can be regenerated. 

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